Neuman Method Creating Your Best Marriage uses Gary’s proven techniques to help you make significant changes in your relationship immediately. Gary has used his research and over 28 years of experience helping thousands of couples with marriage counseling to bring you a comprehensive program to create meaningful change quickly in your marriage. Oprah referred to Gary as, “One of the best psychotherapists in the world… I’ve been doing this a long time. He is the best.” Creating Your Best Marriage has 10 online videos and an interactive 280 page workbook which helps you personalize your program to uniquely fit you, your marriage and your personal relationship.

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M. Gary Neuman is a New York Times bestselling author of seven books and a licensed psychotherapist. He has been on the Oprah show a dozen times, over 50 appearances on the Today Show, as well as multiple appearances on Dateline, the View, NPR and Steve Harvey. His work has also been featured in: Time, Cosmo, Redbook, Parents, Washington Post, LA Times and many others. Oprah has said, “Gary is one of the best psychotherapists in the world… I’ve been doing this a long time. He’s the best.”


Over 25 years ago Gary developed the Sandcastles Program for Children of Divorce which has since helped over 300,000 children worldwide deal with the effects of divorce. After seeing the pain caused by broken marriages, Gary wanted to go to the source of the issue. His goal, and years of research, focused on discovering what the salient differences between good and bad marriages are. He found them.

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For over 25 years in private practice, Gary has turned marriages around using his proven techniques and he now brings that same care and focus to his online marriage counseling program. Gary is known internationally for his creative and practical advise for even the most in crisis relationships and marriages.  Through Neuman Method, Gary wants to reach couples in their homes so they too can learn how to strengthen and make their own relationships the best they can be. That meaningful love and hope one wants to experience with their spouse or significant other does not have to end after a year or two of marriage, or even after having children that love and connection can continue. Gary has spent his life showing couples how to make this happen and continue. He’s helped thousands of marriages and now he can help you no matter what is going on in your relationship.


Gary & Oprah Poster (2) - CopyGary developed this counseling program for any relationship (married or unmarried). He designed this step-by-step program not only to be done together with a significant other but individually as well so each person can look within and change. Whether dating, in a relationship, or looking for a relationship, each will benefit from Gary’s guidance and thought-provoking insights. He gives direct tools, through the workbook included with the videos sessions, which will put those thoughts into actions and create lasting change.


Change is possible. Love, the real love you want is possible. Hope is possible.  This has been Gary’s life’s work, to bring tremendous joy, love, and hope to every marriage/relationship around the world.


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“I hope you’ll give me the honor of helping you and your family. Most people travel to me from around the world after they have seen other therapists unsuccessfully. I’ve wanted to make a difference for anyone who’d like to really make meaningful changes in their lives. Look, I’ve been married for over 28 years and have 5 children. I know it’s not easy but I also know we can all make it happen. Believe me when I say, there’s hope. But it takes some energy and focus. Give me the opportunity and I believe I can be of significant help to help empower you to create the life you desire.”

M. Gary Neuman

Esther Headshot 3 Esther Halperin

I, Esther Halperin, am the co-­creator of Neuman Method and have worked extensively with Gary for many years providing his Sandcastles Program for Children of Divorce and his research on marriage and infidelity. My work has been featured in Parents magazine, Your Teen Magazine, Huffington Post, and many others. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have spent years in private practice working with adults, children, adolescents and families. Through my work in Broward General Medical Center Neonatal Unit, assisting mothers and families with children in the NICU, and working through the Mailman Center’s Heroes program with women and children of Domestic Violence, I have seen families and couples at their best and worst.

I was honored and excited to be asked to work with Gary to help fulfill his vision for Neuman Method. For some, therapy and couples counseling can be daunting. But Gary’s method’s are warm and inviting. I’ve studied marital programs and know that Neuman Method offers the most comprehensive, clear path  and techniques than any other of its kind.  There’s simply nothing like it.

Neuman Method online programs allow you and your spouse to receive the feeling of meaningful marital counseling, and the secrets to successful marriages, in a nonthreatening and comfortable way. It can help you at any stage of your relationship whether you’re just starting to date seriously, in the first years of marriage, or at the end of the line considering separation.

My vision is for families to access the help they need in an easy manner; receiving the expertise from professionals in an effective format that personally guides you and your spouse towards success. I know that change can be difficult and so in addition to co-­creating the program, Gary and I are dedicated to following up with each individual through weekly posts, informative articles from both Gary and myself, tips to strengthen your marriage, and guidance directly to your inbox.

Change and awareness are daily milestones and this is why both Gary and I are so focused on helping you and your couplehood make those extraordinary leaps to achieve ultimate joy and happiness.