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“I’m a huge fan of Gary Neuman’s. He’s been beyond helpful to me and my family.”  – Ricki Lake



After purchasing for the Neuman Method Gold program you will receive:

  • 10 online stream video sessions (over 6 hours) with Gary (instant access so you can start right away)
  • 280 page interactive workbook with chapters corresponding with each session
  • Bonus video “Relationship Messages from Gary.”
  • One 30 minute session with a Licensed marriage counselor certified in Neuman Method

Gary has developed this unique program that quickly creates skills, healthier interaction and insight. Every session is filled with practical steps and activities to get right to meaningful changes. Even if you are dealing with infidelity, there’s a unique session tailor made to deal fully with it.

For over 25 years, Gary has helped thousands of couples have successful marriages and has conducted numerous research studies on marriage and family.  In his research, he discovered the critical differences between successful and failed marriages and now gives you the clear answers you need.

Through Neuman Method, Gary’s mission is to reach every marriage directly in their homes and offer his expertise and guidance to strengthen marriages.

The Neuman Method

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