About Neuman Method


“Gary, I really liked what you said that’s great solid advice…I like the way you operate.”

– Steve Harvey


“Gary is one of the best psychotherapists in the world.”

– Oprah Winfrey


“When I was a kid, I used to have this fantasy that I had a board of advisors who used to give me life advice. Gary would be on my board.”

– Anderson Cooper

Marriage Therapy and Counseling

Neuman Method Creating Your Best Marriage uses Gary’s proven marriage therapy techniques to help you make significant changes in your relationship immediately. Gary has used his research and over 28 years of experience helping thousands of couples to bring you a comprehensive program to create meaningful change quickly. Oprah referred to Gary as, “One of the best psychotherapists in the world… I’ve been doing this a long time. He is the best.” Creating Your Best Marriage has 10 online videos and an interactive 280 page workbook which helps you personalize your program to uniquely fit you and your personal relationship.

The difference between this method and others

Marriage Therapy with The Neuman Method