Counseling With Gary M. Neuman

Gary 1M. Gary Neuman offers an all day or multiple day, strictly confidential marriage counseling experience that is tailor-made to the needs of the couple. Couples experience wonderful, immediate success as they work with Gary to understand their unique marital style, the ways in which their deeper selves impact their goals, and redirect their energy into proven, clear techniques that allows them to Reconnect to Love.

Gary offers follow up sessions via skype/phone as well as individual sessions.Typically, Gary will meet with the couple at the start of the day and then spend 2-3 hours with each spouse alone. This alone time gives both spouses the opportunity to evaluate themselves, their past and how they can personally understand the impact of their actions in the marriage. Only then can they each commit to using this insight to make their marriage significantly better. Gary believes that in order to have real change, there has to be deeper understanding as to why we behave the way we do so we can learn to make new, healthier choices for ourselves.

During the last part of the day, Gary meets with the couple together and outlines a specific, practical plan based on the day’s learning and insights, for improving the marriage and getting it to work best for both spouses. Reconnect to Love Intensive Program counseling often takes place in Gary’s office in Miami although Gary does travel to other locations as well, and makes himself available via Skype or iChat for remote counseling.To contact Gary and discuss or schedule a confidential Reconnect to Love Intensive Program, please fill out the form below.

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